This project is dedicated to the memory of William Morris (aka Frags), who was the main contributor to the bounty but was unable to see the final result.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Here is your Captain speaking

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to have a word with you about bug reporting...

Please do not report E-UAE JIT compiling related bugs to:
  • a forum at your favorite portal (because they are going to give you advices, unless it is a cooking portal, but they won't fix it anyway);
  • your "friends" on Facebook as a status post (because your hot ex-classmate doesn't care, not to mention that she put you to the acquaintances list for a long time and I am prettty sure she won't fix it anyway);
  • Runinuae author (because although Chris is a good guy, almost certainly he won't fix it anyway - hey Chris!);
  • your fellow Amiga-enthusiasts at the Club (because they might listen to your theory on what is the root cause of the bug, but they won't fix it anyway);
  • your neighbor's cat (because the poor thing doesn't want to hear anything about "fixing", I guarantee).
Why? Quite simple: if you try to report bugs anywhere else than my mailbox there is zero guarantee that your bug report ever lands on my computer.

You know, there is some chance that I wake up one day and realize:

Ah, some Amiga-fan while playing Superfrog on level 6 encountered a graphical glitch which is caused by a mis-used flag dependency in the JIT compiler optimization, so I must fix it. I need coffee!

Yes, there is some chance, very-very-very low chance. (As opposed to there is high chance that I wake up one day and realize: Hrrgrhh... I need coffee!)

Golden Rule

If you want to get the bug fixed then report it to me, preferably by e-mail.

Or you can create a ticket at the projects SourceForge page.

(If you really-really must then you can use the contact box on this blog at the right to the post.)

One more tiny thing

Please do your due-diligence before reporting, if I might ask you to.

What would I like to ask from you is summarized in the README file (yea, like anybody would read a README file). Here is a link to the current version on SourceForge code repository.

You can also find my e-mail address at the end of that file.

Thank you for your attention! Now go back sipping your cocktail, the dinner will be served at 6pm. Wearing Boing Ball pin is mandatory.


  1. guys i tested some whdload games.
    i can say now finally some games are working on old euae jit and on old sdl euae wasnt not.
    one of this game is the whd ghost and goblins .. only problem is need to set Nocache in the tooltype because if not set the sprites are showed half(?)
    the same is for jimpower if noache is not set the game speed run at 300% and the sprites are corrupted.
    readme i think need to add this advice ;)


  2. An update on that AmiDock backdrop rendering bug. It doesn't happen on a 32bit P96 screen, only an 8bit P96 screen. Perhaps this one can be a low priority and might be fixed when fixing something else, like ToolsDaemon.

    Here's a new one to test. JIT on. Open up a shell window, and use the "stack " command with various numbers. You will see it report "bad number". Does not happen when JIT is off.

  3. Question , there is a way for close the emulator when it is in full screen on MacOSX ? Im try the keys combination "ctrl+alt+Q" and "ctrl+alt+F10" but dont close ... and i have to turnoff the machine because i cant return on macos x

    1. As it is described in the documentation: F11+Q are the keys on Mac.

  4. im encontering icons rendering problem during dragging on p96 screen. i have this problem on macosx i will test if i have the same problem on pegasos... plus i will make some tests with pvs prefs if change some parameters will make better all

  5. Hello Almos,

    any new on the Beta 4?

    Can't wait

    1. I am still struggling with the Quake bug. At the moment I have no idea what is wrong. I have done a workaround for it already, but as it seems it is a sign of a bigger problem.
      Maybe I postpone this fix to beta 5...