This project is dedicated to the memory of William Morris (aka Frags), who was the main contributor to the bounty but was unable to see the final result.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

PPCJITBETA04 (FourFOurfOurfoUR!)

Four is a nice, round number. Power of 2, not too many, not too less. You know, four is referring to many good things, like: the Fantastic Four, 4th of July, AmigaOS4, The Magnificent Four... Err.. Maybe not that, scratch that last one.

Therefore, without further ado, here is Beta #4:

I had an irresistible urge to RickRoll you guys with the link, but that video has been blocked recently on YouTube in many countries, so maybe next time.

Tickets please

I had my sweet time with a very weird bug related to Quake, which is not resolved yet and probably related to the failure to implement the soft cache flushing. These two tickets are pushed back to Beta #5 for now. Previously I had no intention to do one more beta release before the first Release Candidate, but as it seems I need one more round of testing period.

I had to shuffle around some tickets while I was rethinking the upcoming Release Candidate. You know, changing priorities, agile development, whatnot. What is listed in the milestones now is the plan, although it is not set in (mile)stone... Heheh... (Huh, that was a really lame pun. You should do better than that!)

The idea is: I am going to fix every issue which is known and give you guys some time to test before the final release (candidate).


After a few rounds of pushing and pulling some SAM440/Flex related codes hopefully we have sorted out all the various problems related to those machines. If you were still experiencing issues then please let me know.

G5 again

Thanks to Tobias Netzel, the flag extraction on G5 is fixed, this will resolve a number of problems with various programs.

The compiling for G5 is still not resolved for MorphOS, no G5-optimized binary again, sorry guys. If you could tell me how can I (easily) compile the files for G5 on my iBook then I give it a go, I promise.

What's next

As you can see: Beta #5 is coming, there are already a handful things lined up for it.

Please do test Beta #4 and please do report bugs you have found. It is important to sort out as many problems as I could. It is equally important to help me reproducing the bug. So, please read the instructions. Thanks a bunch!

Best Boys

I would like to give a big thanks to Luigi Burdo. He helped me with a great deal of things, reported lots of bugs and he is so enthusiastic that he inspired me to keep walking on the road. Thanks a lot, Luigi! Keep up the good spirit!

And, of course, my dearest sidekicks, who just couldn't stay away from the project:
MickJT and Tobias Netzel. Cheers!

Also would like to thank the helps, bug reports and overall support to:
Samir Hawamdeh, Kicko, Chris Handley, Allan Ullmann.


  1. Thank you to you Almos and all the team (Michael , Tobias , and other ) for gave us the opportunity for have a fast Amiga on our PPC systems!

  2. Very nice. Hope I find some time in future to make more testing. I'm not "gone", I just don't have much time because of other things :)

  3. For now EuaeJit is the Fastest Amiga Emulator in not Jit mode too. I had been tested the last FS-uae on G5 and is 1/4 in speed compared with Euae Jit in not jit mode. If i turn on the jit there is not history ... euae-jit is ulta faster!
    About Fs-Euae i can suggest use it sources because look like there is a better chipset emulation inside ... and why not one Euae-jit with cyberstorm emulation too ;)

    1. Thank you, although this is not my achievement, but Tobias Netzel's who prepared the G5 support.
      I am sorry to tell you, but I have no plans improving the chipset emulation. Maybe somebody else could do that, or merge my JIT implementation into FS-UAE.

    2. Almos with your word i can understand of much pleasent and great person you are :)
      Hope Tobias will help SnakeCoils (Andrea) for the FS-Uae OsXPPC project :)