This project is dedicated to the memory of William Morris (aka Frags), who was the main contributor to the bounty but was unable to see the final result.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big X on the Map

Just a very quick update: things are slowly evolving, so DON'T PANIC.

Some more words about what has happened recently: I had some trouble with my Amiga, turned out as a PSU problem. Luckily it is already fixed with a "new" case for the poor girl.

I am fighting with the rather chaotic E-UAE sources, so I made a few steps to make it easier to edit the whole project: I managed to put together a cross-compiling environment from Windows. *booo-booo*
Compiling is much faster on the muscle x86 processor (*booo-booo*) and there are some advanced tools to do some heavy lifting when it comes to source code editing. I must also admit that since I use source version control at work, I barely can go on without it.

With the help of Cygwin, Eclipse CDT, TortoiseSVN, VisualSVN Server, FileZilla Server and a simple script on the Amiga side I was able to assemble a semi-automatic build and test deployment environment.

Thanks to Zerohero for the detailed cross-compiling setup description.


  1. Why are you basing your work upon E-UAE?
    With PUAE ( there actually is a project continuing to merge the development of WinUAE into unix UAE.

  2. I have started with E-UAE, the changes I will release can be merged into any UAE derivatives.