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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Demo reel...

I have just discovered that hostcove compiled a nice video of lots of demos running on Amiga X1000.

I was too lazy for a power demonstration like this one, so I kindly borrow his work... Enjoy!
(No, it is not Rickrolling, I promise! ;))

Big thanks to hostcove for his efforts!

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  1. Petunia project was started on 3.x and WarpOS back in the days, there was a version which was able to execute 68k programs on PPC transparently. It was not particularly complicated to make it work, but it had its limitations. Some programs were running significantly faster on PowerPC 603e/180 than on Motorola 68040/25, but any OS calls were rather expensive due to the cache synchronization between the two processors
    Probably it worth more using AmigaOS4 on Classic rather than trying to run PPC-emulated 68k programs on the 68k system.